Travel with me: A day in Bled


Slovenia has quite a few gorgeous spots to go to and one of those is absolutely Bled, with its castle and the little island. Every step is a picture opportunity and this is for sure one of the must-sees at least once in a life time. Now, in winter time, it’s even pretties. That is why I present to you my


Start the day with a coffee or tea. Yes, you will pay more then you are used too, but the service, ambient and the view are worth it. There is a bunch of cafes and bars and everyone can find their place. And if it’s not too early for you, a cream cake is a must!


A walk!

From one end of Bled to the other, there is a trail right next to the lake.  Or you can walk up to the castle. It is beautiful, wherever you go. And a walk really is something you must do, especially if the weather is nice. The best is in the morning, when there are not that many tourists and you have Bled all to yourself. If you are a morning person and you can be there before nine in the morning, take a walk first, since not many bars will be open then. Take your time talking, relaxing and having fun. And don’t forget to take a picture (or ten), Bled has so many instagramable locations!


The view from wellness Živa

Bled Has, at least in my opinion, the wellness with the most beautiful view in Slovenia – Wellness Živa. I do recommend them, not just the pools, but saunas also. The panoramic sauna and the outter pool both have an amazing view of the lake and the castle. Saunas are really beautiful and there usually aren’t that many people. Wellness Živa also offers other stuff to do, I truly recommend the bubble bath for two. When you enter and see the huge bubble bath and everything smells sooo good, you know this is it. And you also get water and nuts. Pure victory. The massage was also wonderful! I prefer massages where I actually feel something, it’s not just caressing me and this one was perfect. I came out really rested and I felt great! There are teas for you on every step – in the saunas and by the massages, and there is also fresh fruit in the saunas. Oh, and for all the kids (even if only by heart), wellness Živa also has an inner slide!


In the end all that’s left to do is taking a walk in the evening when there is dark and the lights are on and everything is magical. It depends on where you are from or where you are headed next, if you can take a longer or a shorter walk, I still had a long way home ahead of me, so I didn’t have as much time. But it was really pretty!


Oh, and don’t forget, Bled is beautiful in every season . 😉

Have you visited it yet? What is your favourite spot to go to?
Xoxo, A.

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