House of Illusions Ljubljana

This weekend we went on a trip to our capital city. Yes, Ljubljana hosted us. However, since they promised a little worse weather with occasional rain, we decided not to just walk around. The House of Illusions Ljubljana has been of interest to us for some time and this time we decided to finally visit it. We were looking forward to see what illusions it offers, but of course, I also wanted some interesting photos! Did we get what we went there for?

House of Illusions Ljubljana

House of Illusions Ljubljana

There are more than 40 exhibits waiting for you in the House of Illusions, which will completely confuse you. Among other things, take a picture in a room that defies the laws of gravity, treat your friend’s head for lunch, have fun in broad daylight in an endless disco room and just for the bravest – take a walk through the Vortex tunnel. In the end, test your gray cells and patience while putting together our amazing mind games. Indulge in a whole new experience and have fun with friends or family. Kids absolutely love the world of illusions, but the world of illusions is also a great adventure for parents, couples, grandparents! See for yourself.

Basic info
House of Illusions Ljubljana

House of Illusions Ljubljana is, as the name tells you, in Ljubljana. Located in Congress Square, you can see it from afar and there is no fear of missing it. It is open daily from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. More than 40 exhibits await you on two floors and on the ground floor, from illusions to large and interesting rooms, and in the end, you will also find mental puzzles and a shop.

The best

There is something for every taste. Of course, I will not tell you about everything, but I will briefly tell you which exhibits convinced me the most. There is nothing wrong with the others either, but I personally found these most interesting and noteworthy.

House of Illusions Ljubljana

A totally crazy experience. When you look at the it, you think, eh, well, it’s nothing, but when you walk on it … uuuuh, it just throws you off balance. This is the thing you MUST try!

House of Illusions Ljubljana

Disco room
Close the door, take a million photos and enjoy! I really loved the disco room. First Jan and I both went in and then I went alone. And the photos that were taken there are one of my favorites.

House of Illusions Ljubljana

Ames room
House of Illusions Ljubljana also offers a room with illusion. Would you like to be a giant? Or quite tiny? Just pick your corner, put a friend in another, and take 1001 photos. Fun guaranteed!

House of Illusions Ljubljana

Space Meditation Room
Fact number one: you’re in space! Fact number two: you can try a nail bed. Do I even have to add anything?

House of Illusions Ljubljana

House of Illusions Ljubljana means some fun hours, depending on how much time you take, how close you look at everything, and if you read it all, how crowded it is, and how many photos you take. I’m not sorry we visited it, although maybe next time I would pick another day when there isn’t such a crowd. However, we were still able to see all the exhibits and take photos with them.

If you are interested in the House of Illusions Ljubljana and you want to know more, click HERE. But if you’re looking for an idea for some other trip, check out the rest of my posts, HERE.

Xoxo, A.

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