5 reasons for visiting Siofok

Siofok is a town in Hungary on the East coast of Balaton. From Maribor there is approximatelly 2 and a half hour drive on the highway. (ATTENTION! You’ll need Hungarian vignette to drive on the highway.) Siofok is one of the most known cities on the coast of Balaton and for more then 150 years it has been a very important city of the region. As a town Siofok is so pretty and it is not too big (the size of Maribor) and the main part is the main square with the water tower that can be climbed on. There is also a upside down house as a sigt to see there and it looks very interesting! But the main ‘attraction’ is, of course, the beach part. A part of the beach is under the fence and you have to pay to go there, but a bit further is also a free beach. And wat are my top 5 reasons for visiting Siofok?

1. Good food and drinks

What can I say, Langos is my favourite 😉 Well, Siofok offers a wide range of restaurants, bars, fast food and everything inbetween. You find something for every taste. But I have to say, you really, really have to try langos! And pancakes of course, there are pancakes on every corner there 😉 And another must… ice cream (look at the picture) and a good cocktail.

2. Low prices

Prices in Siofok are cheaper then ours. You can eat for very little money, but, of course, there are also expencive restaurants there. But if you look around and tkae note of the prices, it is absolutelly cheap. Just to get a feeling – a pizza costed us 4€, beer is between 1 and 2€ and ice cream costs less then 1€. Hotels and motels are also very affordable. (Hotel in the center of everything for two persons costed us around 100€ for two persons.)

3. Events

The walking street of Siofok promises action. The bars and restaurants come to life, there is music everywhere,… And! Practically troughout summer there ary partys with famous and not so famous guests. You won’t get bored there for sure! But as everything, this also has a bad side – noise. If you are bothered by noise at night, I suggest you find you accomodation somewhere away from this main street.

4. Sport

Siofok is an ideal place for all sport lovers. For start – the water is for the most part very shallow and it’s perfect place for playing with ball. There is also a nice road around the lake, perfect for going for a walk, running or driving a bike. Well, swimming is kind of obvious. And I have to mention stand up paddling, it is great on Balaton! There is nothing better then to paddle away from shore and lay on the board. I had the time of my life. They also have some kayaks and other stuff to travel the water there.

5. Cooling down in the lake

Look at the bright side – you cool down in a lake instead of the sea and there is NO crowd at the border 😉 The lake is shallow and there are parts where you go for a walk instead of swimming. But that is good, since the water gets warm very early on. There is sand on the bottom of the lake.

I will go back for sure. I love it there, people are nice and are trying to communicate even if they don’t actually know the language. English usually gets a long way, but with older people German is the way to go. Prices are cheap, the food is amazing, there is not crow at the border and I get to swim. Will I see you next year at Siofok? 😉

Xoxo, A.

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